View Full Version : Reigon 1 Terminator UMD is region free?

August 19th, 2006, 01:01
well one year ago i picked up a sweet japanese psp in japan(or you think where can i get a jp one), then when i went back to the united states, i heard about upgrading and downgrading to a us 1.5 will make it possible to read reigon 1 umds, so i did that and head out to(insert name)store, bought Terminator(in case there are different versions, it's 12791 on the side), and yeah it says reigon 1 on the back, so i head back home and slide in schwarzenegger's cool face into my psp, and then amazingly it works.

Then over a year later(now :) ), I went to buy the UMD Movie Die Hard, it's reigon 1, and i slide in Bruce Willis and his gun into the machine, and it says that the reigon is incorrect and blah, it just doesn't works(i am going to get a refund:mad: )

So this means the trick doesn't work and terminator is reigon free

August 19th, 2006, 01:52
Here's some other region free UMDs:
I was thinking about getting the Cannibal! The Musical one. It's only $6.66