View Full Version : Best Passcard and Storage device for Movies and Music

August 20th, 2006, 21:59
Ok so I just returned the piece of crap Datel Max Media Player with 4 gig harddrive, and my question is what will be the best Passcard and storage device for Mostly media playing movies, and music. Yes I would like to do roms and such but the most important thing would be a media player. What has the best playback (least amount of stuttering in music and freezing in movies/shows) CF, SDcard, or MiniSD. I've read most of the big posts and I think I want to go ahead and get the M3 Passcard it seems to be one of the best.

My question about the Passcards are which ones need me to download extra products in order to play the videos and MP3, the one thing I liked about the MMP was that it had built in MP3 player and Video Player, granted they were horribly designed, so do any of the passcards actually come with a program or do I need to download and learn to work it into the passcard or storage device?

I'm willing to spend up to around $150 dollars in order to cet better products.

(Edit: BTW I do not want to have to flash my DS since I do'nt want to risk the chance of ruining it.)

Any help would be great.