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September 25th, 2010, 08:55
http://s2.kimag.es/thumbs/98230191.jpg (http://s2.kimag.es/view/98230191.jpg)
I was lucky enough to be one of the first 100 people who got the chance to receive a free P3Hub . I decided to write up a simple review as I promised to do it when I asked P3Hub team (PS3Break team) to send me a free sample .

The P3Hub is a new product which supports self-programmable feature through USB announced by the PS3Break team , whose PS3Break is the first affordable alternative to the Ďofficialí PSJailbreak , that can be found for less than $35 on most shops . It makes PS3Break very famous and popular among PS3 users . However , the PS3Break team change the ATMEL chip over PCI chip which canít (or complicated to) be upgraded . That maybe the reason why they release the PSHub .

Build quality
http://s2.kimag.es/thumbs/3161030.jpg (http://s2.kimag.es/view/3161030.jpg)
http://s2.kimag.es/thumbs/64236202.jpg (http://s2.kimag.es/view/64236202.jpg)
http://s2.kimag.es/thumbs/91566543.jpg (http://s2.kimag.es/view/91566543.jpg)
http://s2.kimag.es/thumbs/70172029.jpg (http://s2.kimag.es/view/70172029.jpg)
The build quality of the P3Hub is adequate , I like the design because it has two USB ports itself , itís is very convenient for me to connect USB devices to PS3 console (I have some 3rd party device) .

Using the P3Hub
The dongle doesnít come pre-flashed so I need to flash it with PSGroov first . I read the P3HUB2 SETUP Burner Guide from the official site , but found that they donít have Microchip.BootLoader.USB.HID.v2.6 for users to download , WTF ? It took me 1 hour to find where download this tool : http://www.box.net/shared/c5q6nutoyj/1/51414269/507869025/1
Well , it actually worked as it promised , it is successfully flashed with the latest PSGroov .

Things Ive tried
Pulling the P3Free out after booting works fine.
Jailbreaking with USB Fan running works.
Jailbreaking with Disk in works

Pros and Cons

Build quality
USB upgradable
Extra USB ports

A bit expensive than other dongle

Overall, the P3Hub USB Jailbreak PIC Programmer worked like it should by taking advantage of the PS3 USB exploit that allows you to install homebrew applications. It is the best dongle in the market as most of others are not upgradable as you known .

$41.99 @ Lightake.com (http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.P3_HUB_2_PS3_Dongle_USB_HUB_for_PS3_Console-32704~c.IOOAM102312010ANEWC) if anyone want to buy it .