View Full Version : So are Sandisk mircoSD cards decent?

August 21st, 2006, 17:11

I'm wanting a M3 Lite and want 2GB, Sandisk seem to be the most popular, so i'd get this:

http://www.mobymemory.com/images/products/2GB_SanDisk_microSD_micro_SD_Transflash_compatible _for_Samsung_D600_Motorola_RAZR_v3x_SLVR_medium.jp g

Just wanted to check if i needed some super speed one or something, or if that'll work?


August 21st, 2006, 17:32
I cant speak for the MicroSDs but Sandisk (Regular) SDs work fine with my Supercard.

Sandisk is a pretty good company when it comes to Memory Cards. You can trust them.

August 21st, 2006, 21:08
micros are faster than any/most expandable option. They are also the smallest.

I will put it this way, Micro>Minis

thats all you need to know.