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August 22nd, 2006, 15:41
can any one convert this tff file to pgf files please


August 22nd, 2006, 17:05
Erm your file extensions are wrong.

That file is a True Type Font ".ttf" not ".tff" as you mention.

See below for the Readme I found.....

August 22nd, 2006, 17:23
Ok I just saw your other post so here is the readme that was in ttf2pgf:

TTF -> PGF font renderer

To build this tool you will need the FreeType2 TTF font rendering library.


Adjust the freetype.h header location (if necessary) in `build' and execute
the script. The required version is 2.1.10 (last stable at the time of
writing this file - required for bold/italic typeface synthesis).

It is very likely that this tool will NOT brick your PSP. There is no known
way of bricking the PSP by merely changing font images; even the few possible
buffer overflows in the font parser would be limited to userspace.

ttf2pgf <source.ttf> <dest.pgf> [<face-options> [<shadow-options>]]

* source.ttf is the source font file
* dest.pgf is the result file (the one that will be created)
* face-options is a string created from the following components:
- <integer> : font size (height) in pixels
- h<float> : horizontal scaling factor
- a<float> : font advance scaling factor
- b : embolden
- i : italicize
* shadow-options is a string created from the following components:
- n : no shadow (do not emit shadow records)
- b<float> : Gaussian blur filter radius
- i<float> : shadow intensity

* run ./mkfontset <sans.ttf> <serif.ttf>
* a subdirectory, "fontmod", will be created, containing 16 PGF files with
correct attributes (bold/italic/size/typeface) derived from the two TTF

The tool is currently in alpha stage and wouldn't have been released if many
people wouldn't have asked for it. Therefore it still has bugs:
* advance widths can't exceed 35 units (rougly 17 pixels)
* sometimes the PSP crashes (without long-term effects), especially if the
generated fonts are small; it appears that PSP has problems rendering
very small font bitmaps; if this is true, a workaround is expected