View Full Version : Bonus extras for Koeiís UK line-up for PSP & PS2

August 22nd, 2006, 20:26
This has got to be a first. Japanese publisher Koei is adding bonus extras to UK editions of Disgaea 2, Atelier Iris 2 and GITAROO MAN Lives!

Usually itís the UK that gets the raw deal with great RPGs or even games from Japan in general. Quite often itís only in Japan, or at a push the US, where gamers can take advantage of excellent promos for the latest titles such as those from one of the leading publishers Koei. Well, weíre surprised to announce that Koei is breaking the mould, bringing a host of collectible freebies with their upcoming line-up of excellent games.

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny for PS2 is released on 29 September. Everybody who buys AI2 will receive a soundtrack CD featuring music from the game. In addition, one specialist retailer (who we canít mention here but youíll have no problem finding out) is offering a Premium Pack for pre-orders. This includes the soundtrack CD, a limited edition 8-inch musical statuette, a game character figurine and a card of decorated in original artwork from Atelier Iris 2. This is so generous itís going to have Atelier fans embarrassing themselves with tears at the till!

Disgae 2: Cursed Memories also comes packaged with a soundtrack CD, and this one is extra special because it contains music previously unreleased in Japan or the States. Again, a renowned high-street specialist retailer is offering further extras if you pre-order Disgae 2. In this case an entire book of Disgae 2 artwork. Everyone who owns the game can listen to the original Japanese dialogue if you fancy brushing up on cheeky phrases that might earn you a punch in the chops if you tried using them over there. Disgae 2 is released in October.

Finally GITAROO MAN Lives!, for PSP. Itís released in September, and has two new stages that didnít feature in the original PS2 version. Our friendly high-street retailer who must remain nameless is handing out limited edition GITAROO MAN Rock Pinz Ė a collection of five pin badges that can only be obtained by pre-ordering online.

You can keep pinching yourself but this is all for real. A deep respectful bow to Koei.

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