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August 22nd, 2006, 21:13
hey all:

so, i know this has been asked in a lot of threads already, but there never seems to be an answer, the subject always gets changed.....

ok, i have a 2.6 PSP, running DGen v1.3, which i understand is the "best of the best" for genesis emulation on a 2.6 psp......BUT it doesnt save states. thats not entirely true...it will save them, even load them back, just so long as you do not exit the emulator....once you do, the saves are gone the way of the dodo bird, making any genesis rpg's all but worthless. a few folks have said they got it working, but i have yet to read a post elaborating on exactly how/what they did to get it working.

any help on the subject would be much appreciated, there are some old genesis games i would love to get back into again

so, yea...i apologize in advance if this has already been answered a billion times, but i scoured these here forums for a good couple hours yesterday, and found no answer. if one already exists, and you dont want to type out the whole explanation, even a link to the much sough after answer would be much obliged

thanks guys and gals!

August 22nd, 2006, 22:06
well, i figured it out.....go figure, after all this time, and after i finally decide to start a new thread about it, i figure it out...its actually quite deceptively simple, so i am now turning this thread into the official DGen v1.3 save state tutorial thread :p

anywho, here is what to do for anyone else having trouble with save states in DGen v1.3

when you want to save, go into DGen's menu (left trigger) and go to the save state panel. now, and here is what hung me up for so long, and i feel like a tool now that i got it...PUSH UP on the d-pad. thats right, the up button....this will let you into the various options under the ten save state boxes.....switch the top two so they say "on MS". this will save the states directly onto your memory stick. then, when you want to load the state later, simply load the rom, go to the save state menu, press UP (again......damnable up key had me flustered for soooooo long!) keep pressing up till you get past all the options at the bottom, and you will see a yellow box pop up around one of the save state boxes....navigate the yellow box up to your previously saved state, press triangle and viola! state saving and loading in DGen v1.3 for dummies