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October 3rd, 2010, 20:07
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FreeSynd is an open source project that aims to provide a free Syndicate clone (released under the GPL).

FreeSynd 0.5 : Release Notes

This is a prelimary release for testing and development purposes.

* Correct positioning by Z axis for all objects

Fixed Bugs
* 0000000 :

Features added
* 0000000 :

Known issues with this release
* Agent AI is not operational.
* The minimap is not complete.
* Tax collection and other functionality of the world map are not done.
* PathFinding requires improvement
* Mission debriefing is not operational
* No animation for trees, doors
* Map drawing is buggy

* Minimap drawing is fixed, should be better now
* Map can be scrolled with arrow keys and scrolling is like original game
* People, objects will not move to unwalkable surfaces
* When weapon is dropped while moving, ped will stop moving
* Static objects: added 4 windows, large doors, added 2 animations
to doors, 1 animation to trees
* Static objects animation setup method rewritten,
animations require adjusting and add new objects correctly
* While vehicle was moving if ped went out, vehicle continued to move
* Game time is visible in the Map menu but not fully implemented
* People and vehicles pathfinding was rewritten
* Fixed highlights in select menu: was possible to highlight more than
one element, also weapon highlight was not working
* Added correct recognition for clicks on scrollable map
* 3029839 : Mouse position is not used on a new Menu
* 3029837 : Menu animation doesn´t stop mouse or keyboard events
* 2307181 : #include missing (it was simply closed, fix
was done somewhere between 0.2 - 0.3 release and was not
* 3052202 : cppcheck warnings and errors(only third error is important)(tlh2000)
* 3052210 : fixed warnings and resource leak(tlh2000)
* 3005299 : Finished missions can be played again
* 2669454 : Double highlight on weapon list in Team Selection menu

* Cursors are now available in a png file
* Music files (ogg and mp3) have been moved to data/music
* Ability to turn music and sound on/off during a game
* In debug mode, adds the -m argument to start directly the
game on a given mission
* Fixed agents selection in gameplay menu
* Fixed ranks for weapons, as in some weapons variable data
"w_rank" took place of variable "w_anim"
* Rewritten animation for people
* Added trees
* Small fix to "path walking"
* Added animation to selectors
* Added divider between selectors and weapons
* Mission message system changed, added few new
* It was possible to shoot dead, fixed
* Small fix to mouse display during menus switch
* Group positioning is now like in original, on dest reached
* 1565270 : Graphical glitches with cars
* 2661059 : Automatic selecting next weapon after running
out of ammo
* 3005276 : Absent agent can drop weapon in a mission
* 1744508 : Dead Agents still move if given a pickup-weapon
or enter-car command.
* 2661069 : On game screen when clicking on the screen to move
agent(s) selected coordinates are not exactly the
same that expected.
* 3017274 : When an agent kills a moving enemy, this enemy
keeps on moving to his destination.
* 3005280 : Dropped weapon does not appear on the ground

* The first level is "playable".
* Most of the menus are complete and functional.
* Sound and music are operational.