View Full Version : Need Suggestions on Genesis/Saturn Cartridges...

October 6th, 2010, 11:02
Hey guys!

I've read some reviews on this forum before for Genesis flash carts, and I was just curious as to what is, hands down, the BEST flash cart for Genesis. (I'm actually using a Sega CDX. I remember hearing about a device that used a CD to transfer ROMs, but that sounds kinda archaic.) Really, all I'm looking to do is play ROMs so I don't have to mess with my collection, and I would also like to play those Sonic Megamix games on a TV instead of an emulator, if that's possible. ;]

Also, on the Saturn note, I just bought a Saturn a few days ago. It's a regular NTSC Saturn. No mods, nothing. I had heard that a great solution for playing imported/region free games, while also acting as a memory card, and a 4M/1M RAM cart, was the Action Replay 4M Auto Plus. I have ALSO heard that there are a plethora of problems with these carts. Is there anything better I can use? I don't really need cheats, I would just like to play a couple Japanese games, and also have the device double as a memory card, also is it possible to play burned CD-Rs using a region breaker? I just need the input of pros like you guys to get my pointed on the right track.

Thanks you guys! I really need this help. >_<;;