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August 26th, 2006, 22:52
Hi Guys,

after some changes to the source-code and with support from MisterSentient i got a Version of DSDoom running with Max Media Player on my Max Media Dock (CF-Card, not the HDD).

You should consider this version as beta/testing - I can't give any warranty for it. It works fine for me and so far i haven't discovered any problems. But that might also prove wrong.

In order to get DSDoom running you first of all nedd to get it from here and follof the installation instructions.
Then grab my modified nds-file.
To get everything running place all the files in the root-directory of your cf-card (dont forget your wad-file).
Due to some compatibility-issues with the Max Media Player you need to rename the "dsdoom_mmd.nds" to "bootme.nds". Otherwise it won't work.
And then - at last - just turn on your NDS and enjoy a great game.

Thanks to the guys from DSDoom for making such a superb port and MisterSentient for his support. Special Thanks to the Moonshell-Team for implementing the MMD FAT code.


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