View Full Version : Odamex DOOM

October 27th, 2010, 09:59
I had never really paid much attention to Odamex. I presumed it was yet another port that tried to maintain the proper aspect ratio, while cleaning up the bugs left in the original ID Software code. I knew it had something to do with networking, but I didn't realize what all they'd done to this port!

Not only does it achieve these goals, and quite nicely I might add, but it also comes with a server to locate and join Death Match and Co-Op games, it features a nice GUI to connect to servers, choose maps packs, etc. Not to mention the server software itself!

On top of this it supports the FreeDOOM iWAD, all DOOM wads, and it also supports BOOM features, MBF, pWads, new sprites, sounds, Deh, Bex, high screen modes, as well as the optional Jump and Free Look features, amongst others!

I realize there is already a port of PrBOOM, but this certainly deserves a port over to the Wii as you can see.

It's already on Windows, Linux, OSX, and even the Classic XBOX even!

Check it out!!! :)