View Full Version : [REQUEST] x.264 encoder homebrew app for the PS3

October 29th, 2010, 04:11
Little intimidated making a new thread in the section as it seems wraggster is the only one who's ever posting, but this is the only section that fits the purpose of this thread so I'm gonna do it anyway!

Now that the PS3 has been hacked and homebrew can be made for it, I was hoping a developer might be able to make an x264 encoder app for the PS3.

I got the idea after reading about Fixstar's (now defunct) H.264 PS3 encoder (http://codec.fixstars.com/en/support/personal/). The only reason it is now defunct is because it relied on OtherOS support which, as we know, was removed in firmware version 3.21. While it was working, however, it worked great thanks to the power of the Cell and proved to be roughly as fast as a core i7 920 while producing high quality video output.

Fixstar's now provides the Linux source code for the software which you can find at the link above, so maybe with a little tweaking it can be run as a homebrew app. Either way, if a dev could look into it it would be greatly appreciated.