View Full Version : PSPVBA: corrupted file cannot play

September 1st, 2006, 20:57
I currently own a psp firmware 8.0 and have the pspvba 1.2.4.
As instructed I picked the 2.x firmware folder but my psp cannot play the vba.
any idea whats wrong?

September 1st, 2006, 21:05
Try the gpsp emulator its full speed

September 1st, 2006, 21:10
what firmware is it? you typed in 8.0 lol

September 1st, 2006, 21:28
i meant 2.80. Sorry

September 1st, 2006, 21:37
You'll have to wait a bit then. It is not currently possible to play emulators on 2.80. An eboot loader will surely come out in a few weeks to alleviate your problem. However, do not update your firmware beyond 2.80. Sony will surely create new firmware to prevent the eboot loader from working; so you must not update. Once the eboot loader comes out, it should include instructions for running homebrew on it. you'll just have to wait for now.

September 1st, 2006, 21:48
okay thanks for the help. maybe there will be an 2.80 downgrader someday.

September 1st, 2006, 21:57
yea theres supposed to be a 2.71 downgrader coming at 11pm gmt so 2.8 downgrader cant be to far away.

September 2nd, 2006, 04:03
What is the highest firmware the vba will support? Does anybody know?

September 5th, 2006, 09:43
pspvba 1.2.4. work's fine on my 1.5fw :cool: