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November 12th, 2010, 11:09

Daughter is half japanese, we reside in the united kingdom, absolutely no chance of us visiting japan, but we have friends over there.

We want daughter to have a japanese nintendo DSi, or have a DSi that would play japanese games, becuase it would keep her knowledge of the japanese lingo.

From enquiries conducted it would seem that,
There are european DSi and Japanese/Asian DSi, it is not possible to use the japanese ds1ware website using credit bought in the united kingdom. Furthermore it has been indicated that european DSi cannot play all of, or most japanese DSi games.

Aside from having a friend ship a japanese DSi over from Tokyo and buying our credits over there for us to download games from the dsi ware website, are there any other options for us.

I beleive the DS is region free, is that device compatible with the nds roms? playable by way of an sd card?

Would be graetful for some pointers on this subject.

Many thanks.

November 12th, 2010, 18:41
I've downloaded things onto an SD card and it's really convenient. That's a good way to go about learning a language while having fun, too. Great idea!

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