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November 22nd, 2010, 17:25
News from thecobra (http://forums.qj.net/psp-development-forum/173517-w-i-p-psp-easysavestate-psp-fat-model.html)

Hi guy, been a while :)

i am here to let u know i am working on a SaveState for psp fat. the program right now has alot bug but it has a 60% chance of working correctly when you run it with hombrew games and so.
i am still wokring on it so dont expect to much out of it for now but hopefull it if i can fix all the bug, we PSP fat user will be able to have a SaveState on our psp just like the one PSP slim uses with the alex prx

anyway i posting it here so i can get some feedback on it.

Create a folder name "PSPESS" at the root of your memorystick.
Save the prx in your seplugin folder
add a entry to your game.txt file enble it
when saving the game press the Home Key button first and then Press R-trigger and up to save OR L-trigger and up to load.
You must away save first before even trying to load a state
please always give it a 15 sec after the light stop blink to keep on playing for both Save and Load of a state
Please leave feedback here on what work and doesn't work
Please remmber that it still super bugg so it may not work always

here a list where i try it and it doesn't work:
*GTA UMD , i haven't try the backup of it so i dont know if it will work with it since what seem to mess it up is the reading of UMD after i load the save

*it work with hombrew game but sometime it fail to load correctly or the screen seem to get blury or the psp crash. if the psp screen get blury try to reload again unless it crashes

I will still keep on trying to fix this so please stand by it :)

Download it here:EASYSaveState.prx (http://www.mediafire.com/?ho6m3bh1f5bkc2d)
P.S please dont release this on your front page new not yet atleast becuase it still has alot of bug and i dont want alot of poeple mad with me becuase a release a super buggy program. :) thank you

O yeah i forgot to say.PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR PSP NAND BEFORE USING IT OR HAVE A WAY TO UNBRICK YOUR PSP IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG. so far nothing that mess up my psp has happen with it for me but you can never be to careful. :)