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November 30th, 2010, 00:47

An anonymous source has contacted us with some exciting, exclusive news. He has released a PSX emulator for PS3, entitled PS3SX. The emu is a port of PCSX to the PS3. It runs at full speed, full screen, and supports CDDA and XA audio. This pre-release also features 2 player support, saving, and iso formats *.iso *.bin *.mds *.img.

Currently the source code has not been released, but it will be once the emu is completely ported using just the PSL1GHT SDK. PS3SX will run on all retail 3.41 units (fat and slim). Currently it is untested on older firmwares and does not work on debug units (PS3 Test units).

Instructions: Install PKG file on PS3. Either use the folders from the rar file, or make "bios" "MC" and "psxrom" folders in the root of a USB drive. Download PSX bios file below, and place it in "bios" folder. Place legally owned PSX backup ISO's in the "psxrom" folder. Run emulator and play!

Please note there is currently a bug with this pre-release. You can only quit the emulator when running a game. If you attempt to exit to XMB at the rom menu, the emulator will freeze.

================================================== ==========================
PRE - RELEASE PS3SX 29/11/2010
================================================== ==========================

PS3SX PCSX port on PS3 using PS3 SDK and psl1ght it's a hybrid for the pre-release.
No source code will be available only when i completely port the emulator to psl1ght.
Before xmas i will update it with a new GUI, save state, and cheat code .

this emulator can only work on 3.41 retail not tried yet on older version.

Support in this pre-release version :

2 Players
All iso formats *.iso *.bin *.mds *.img
psx homebrew *.psx and *.exe
Save works for player 1 & 2
Sound support CDDA and XA
Full screen
Full Speed

I'm using PCSX-DF core with the ppc dynarec the dyanrec work already on this version of ps3sx with libkammy god bless AerialX for the libkammy and i'm using the cellframework for sound only.

My thanks go to AerialX , drk||Raziel , pcsx Team and pcsx-df team for the original source code , psxgroovy at www.psxgroovy.com for the dongle sample PEOPS for this good plugin and Mathieulh .

all plugins come from PEOPS

With luv Anonymous
Since this was compiled with Sony SDK, we will not link or upload the files. You can however get the files via source link below. Once its been compiled with PSL1GHT SDK, we'll provide the download file.

Source: PSGroove (http://psgroove.com/content.php?462-Exclusive-PS3SX-PSX-Emulator-Released)

Images via comments

November 30th, 2010, 01:49
I jizzed ಠ_ಠ

dude awesome (:D

.....hate to ask, but is anybody working on a ps2 emulator?
this PS1 emulator is going to be good use to me
but I really need a ps2 emulator for my ps3 slim so I can give my ps2 to my friend

November 30th, 2010, 10:19
This is excellant news!!!!!!

I hope this emulator will have the ability to smoothen the graphics out and not make them look pixelated.

Kerp up the great work!!

November 30th, 2010, 18:39
why a ps1 emulator at all for the ps3 when the ps3 already plays ps1 games?

Unless or course its for use or isos i guess!


November 30th, 2010, 19:46
Nobody knows about a ps2 emulator?

February 9th, 2011, 21:03
Pretty neat but I prefer to play my PS1 games on my PSP. Still, its always nice to have the option of playing PS1 backups on the PS3.

February 9th, 2011, 21:30
Agreed, it would be nice to be able to finally retire my poor wornout PS2. It has been patched up so many times. Thank heavens for duct tape.