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October 29th, 2004, 10:11
While some portable devices like Apple's iPod boast their own hard disk, Sony's Ken Kuturagi has gone on record to suggest that a HD for the PSP is unlikely, thanks largely to the size, cost and wonderful speed of flash memory.[br]When questioned on the subject, Kutaragi-san told the Japanese tech media that: "With games being supplied on UMD (universal media disk), we don't believe that the PSP, as a games machine, needs one. You need the mass storage of a hard disk for home servers, PCs and digital recorders, but the storage of flash memory is increasing at a rate of two times a year.[br][br]"For the case of multiple gigabytes, we can use flash. Therefore, we won't need to include a hard disk. However, if a one-inch hard disk is available for $20 and the amount of space dramatically increases, then yes, it is likely we would include it."[br][br]So the door ain't necessarily shut, but as we say, a PSP hard disk is looking pretty darn unlikely in the near future.

October 30th, 2004, 20:37
It's shut. Where would you put it? Although, I'd like to address a couple of things he said. HDs are no longer too big. If they put a compartment in the PSP for a HD expansion, the previous question I just asked would not need to be asked. Or am I the only one who's seen Hitachi's wonderful Microdrives and similar devices? A HD, even a very small one, would likely beat out flash devices on sustained transfer for a large amount of data, too. Flash really isn't all that wonderfully fast, although it is getting better. I don't think he should run around painting HDs as bad for mobile devices. They're small, fast, store a lot, etc. Lots of PDAs and stuff can take advantage of them.

But it's not for the PSP. It's way too expensive, even as an add-on, the cost of a decent sized one really isn't worth it. Also, it would eat up more power than they would like. The friggin thing is already built like a tank, it eats enough juice. Plus he is right in that Flash is getting plenty big. Although that is pretty expensive too *::) not like Sony cares about how much you pay for one of their bigger model memory sticks, lol.

Cap'n 1time
October 30th, 2004, 21:58
I didnt think they would have a hardisk in the first place. I could see some kind of flash media (which will be expensive). Sony's last to products have been fine with just memory cards. I realize that they are trying to make it as feature rich as possible so it can compete with the DS but there is always some disadvantages to useing rom (read only memory for you idiots) media rather than cartridges. Sure it might be cheaper... but the features are what count, right? I dont think it would be that difficult to add a little slot for sony's stupid little sticks of memory, but I why would I want to? So I can play my low quality MP3 files? Most people are probably more interested in watching movies on it rather than playing music, as you can buy a mp3 supporting cdr compat cd player with a litttle pocket change now a days. what my point is, is that the more memory the more money... the longer the movie the more money. that'd be a no thanks.

And one last think while im up on my soap box, MP3'S SUCK BALLS! get it through your heads you stupid warezer kids, mp3s are small, but they are low ass qualliity. try ogg or somthing but stop obbsessing over these #%$@%$$#^%$& MP3'S

Cap'n 1time
October 30th, 2004, 21:59
sorry if i said anything that had nothing to do with anytthing.. but im very tired and i dont feel like editing my posts. night night. *snoooooore*

November 1st, 2004, 20:35
That was a terrible post, you said it yourself. No offense. I didn't think they would either (edit: referring to using a HD in PSP). I even said the door IS closed and there WON'T be a HD for it from Sony. But I just listed the pros and cons of a mini HD just for comparison, so people don't just have the Sony PR words to look at. HDs are pretty handy to have, and lots of handheld devices like iPods and crap use them.
- Sony's memory cards are just their proprietary flash cards. They're built out of the same stuff as any of the other flash types. The PSP already has a slot for them, too. All their stuff uses these things, and they come in different sizes.
- Cartridges *are* Read Only Memory. Can you overwrite your GBA Mario 17 cart and put a different game on there? No. Now if you were to have simply said "optical media" that would make sense.

- MP3s aren't all small. In fact, Oggs are usually smaller. Why? Oggs can produce a better reproduction of the music at lower bitrates. But not all MP3s sound bad. I can use one of the recent LAME versions to encode some very excellent quality MP3s at bitrates like 192, 256, or even 320 Kb/sec (that's bits, not bytes). Those aren't exactly what I'd call small, and yes you could make Ogg rips that are just as good at lower rates. But the MP3s would still sound great and honestly would often be surprisingly close to the original if you examine them alongside their originals in some highend audio software.