View Full Version : How I F'D UP my PS3 :S anyone who knows how to fix???

December 10th, 2010, 02:44
Ok... the title kind of explains what's up.
This is what's happened:

A few days ago I received my AVR key, I checked if my ps3 was on 3.41 a coupe of weeks ago and it was. SO all I had to do was putting the right hex on my AVRkey and backup manager on my new external HDD and I was good to go.

Then yesterday I bought my externa HDD, excited to play a few games on my jailbroken ps3... but that was a NO GO :s
I found out someone (with some game) updated my ps3 to 3.42.

So I figured I could try a downgrade.
I tried the downgrade with my AVRkey first... but whatever I did,
if I entered it in my ps3 and turned the power on the right way the ps3 just started up and I got "there's an unknown USB device".

Then I realised I still had a TI-84 plus calculator.
So I descided to use that to downgrade.

I think I was able to put my ps3 in service mode.
The calculator said "done" so that should've been ok.
But when trying to update (downgrade) to 3.41 the first time, the console blocked. The green light flashed as though it was ready, but it didn't turn off automatically.

So after 2 houres I just turned it off manually, figuring that waiting any longer wouldn't have any use anyway.
If I tried to put it back on the light flashed green for a few seconds and then it shut down again.

Since then I've tried the update again numerous times, I tried updating it to 3.50, different download locations of the update file... nothing works...

And to make things worse... on psxscene there was someone trying to help me out, and now I can't get on that site again :S
All I get is Vbulletin messages like: "enjoy your coffee" or "what the hell happened?" or "FIIIIREEED" -_-

Sooooooooooooo what should I do??? :s