View Full Version : Video and GD-ROM does not work...

Van Hentai
December 18th, 2010, 18:58
Hello everybody, it's my first post here... I'm afraid that my english isn't very good...

Some years ago when i wasn't experienced with electronics, I bought dreamcast. L audio didn't worked, so i tried to fix it (Audio problem is fixed now, it was matter of cable..). But i touched something, think this was something near tv out on motherboard... And i probably burned something, becouse there is no video signal now... (sometimes little short flash on screen when i turn on DC).

Second problem is that i burned something in GD-ROM. I don't remember well, i opened it, thouched something with some metal and there was smoke from somewhere... Now, when i turn on my DC (when closed), laser runs always to drive and doesn't stops. System works fine, i think. If i remove GD-ROM, i can hear boot sound and swiching in menu. I suppose that there are some fuses burned. Can you help me find them? I have some old voltage meter, so i can check (but i don't know, burned fuses should not conduct, or should conduct less?)

Thank You for any help :)

Van Hentai
December 23rd, 2010, 21:52
Hey?... Forum dead? :( Please, anything... Which elements on motherboard is linked with video? Or how to check fuses.. Any help^^