View Full Version : Read This to get irshell2.0 NEThost thingy working!! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT NETHOOOST

September 8th, 2006, 04:05
ok later back i made a post of whack whack cant get this to work unfortunately no one helped except the guy with the moose picture but he really didnt help at all with psp dev(YES THAT RIGHT I DIDNT GET IT FROM PSPDEV!!!) anyway ive searching my ass off to finally fix this problem and heres how a busted my hump to fix it

First i got irshell2.1 (DUH!)
then i got nethost 1.5
then i got psp host
then i got this sweet installer setupirhosts

now on to getting your damn thing to work

some FAQS

1.Q. does firewall prevent this (modem)
A. nope it doesnt prevent you from using wifi!


1.When you install both setuppspirhosts psphost you go to where setupirhosts takes you took me to some folder with three computer icons telling info about your computer

2.now there shud be a computer icon saying find ip adresss now click on it then youll see the ipadress of your computer i hope ure not THAT stupid

3.Now go to the configurator IN IRSHELL and put in your ip adress for nethost(AD) and make sure you dont got some wierdo password!

4.now the nethostfs should work

Stuff to get psp hosts working yay!

1.WAit before you go psphost you gotta get nethost v1.5 from www.ahman.co.nr one you have the file extract the CONTENTS OF THE FOLDER (aka the nethost exe and the .dll that comes with it) C:\Program Files\PSPHost\files and overwrite the nethost and .dll file in that one!

2.sooo go to psp host then go to setting then go to directory to share over usb/Wifi browse to the desktop or the folder with ure stuff

3.now make that the default folder

so now go to nethost redirection then toggle nethost
then go to mso icon then press triangle then go to nethost0:\ file YOU SHOULD SEE THE CONTENTS OF YOU FOLDER AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO COPY THEM TO YOUR PSP COOL!

Other files shud be attainable from


ill take questions but im not too smart :P

oh yeah leave nethost or psphost on and p.s. TOGGLE WIFI FOR THE PSPHOST!!!

September 8th, 2006, 05:01
usb hosts tutorial?


September 8th, 2006, 05:04
naw nethosts it works!

September 8th, 2006, 06:26
Cool,I think this will help some people out.