View Full Version : [Help] FTB2 errors

December 23rd, 2010, 20:29
Long time viewer first time poster!

So I need help guys. I don't want to screw socom more than it already is but I do want to test out some codes in a private hacking match.

So before I explain my prob let me give you my specs

PSP 2000 Ta85v2
CFW 5.50 GEN D3/ PROME 4 addon
Nitepr revion K

I have downloaded cheats for the 1.6 patch and used them just fine on single player but the multiplayer is where the problems occur. I constantly get 35 errors (tried no 35 codes don't work) and I constantly get banned. (thanks so much corrupt PSID) Is there a plugin that

1.won't get me banned (code would work too)
2. not give me 35 errors

I would really appreciate it. I just got my hackable 2000 yesterday so I'm still new to CFW but know the basic concpets kinda.

On a side note I know this isn't aloud on the forums but just purly for the specs.

I'm using a CSO that I legally ripped from one of my Own UMD's. Sorry hope that doesn't get the topic closed but I would think that may play a part in my problems. I can make it and ISO if I have too!