View Full Version : R4 In UK help appreciated

January 1st, 2011, 15:34
Hello all, a few years back i was a proud owner of a DS lite and a r4ds, and happened to have both stolen from me from druggie brother for his habits, anywho im now looking to get another DS lite, and an R4 of some sort, however my reseach on the internet has shown me to belive that the R4DS only plays games PRE 2008, now when i got that R4Ds it was when amazon was able to sell it, alas amazon can no longer sell it so im having trouble finding one. So my two questions are 1 is there one that plays games after 2008, if so whats it called? Im only getting a DS lite the camera means nothing to me lol.
Second question anyone from the UK know of trusted places to get the cart? Or possibly someone near me who has no use of theirs anymore and is willing to sell theirs?

Please all answer are welcomed ive been out of it for a while so dont know which carts would work with the new games, and alot of the carts i found were just for DSi and such thanks alot.

January 4th, 2011, 09:35
Original R4 still gets 99% compatibility , what you need to do is installing the latest Wood R4 firmware . Here it is : http://filetrip.net/f23480-Wood-R4-1-21.html

All UK based online shop stopped selling carts , I recommend Lightake.com (http://www.lightake.com) which is a Hong Kong based shop offering various of products including NDS flashcart .