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dj vectorman
January 16th, 2011, 09:19
First off let me say i posted this long post because i have couple questions that got banned sega.com forums. Im old and i know alot about sega, im a huge sega fan and i posted on various sega forums last year asking a vcd on dc software only to play vcd on dreamcast (NOT hong kong vcd/mp3 w/ remote player hardware) question and no one could answer how to do it except you guys at this forum...i had to figure it out some on my own though. If anybodys interested how to do it (for retro sega sake, playing movies or youtube videos on dreamcast) i can tell you how.


*I had to sell my cdx back in day, i really liked it. I was going to buy another one but im not spending $150 on one even though 5,000 - 10,000 were only made when i have a saturn usb controller and kega fusion to play master system, game gear, genesis, sega cd and 32x games flawlessly on 1 emu.

I still have my saturn and dc consoles. Being that it seems ONLY a new windows 7 laptop can play a EMULATORS LIKE yabause 9.8 OR SSF 0.9 saturn game at 100% speed ON PC or dreamcast console can only play 2 sega cd games =heart of an alien= (other i forgot) but with NO sound...i've been thinking all this =theres no sega cd or saturn game that can ever be played at 100% speed on dreamcast, its impossible= talk is technically INCORRECT.

Sega themselves released a sega collection on dreamcast that had virtua cop 2 on it. Homebrewers are very smart, so smart they outsmarted sega by figuring out hardware and software add-ons schemes to pcs to "get around" gd bios for a cd-rom one...this story is long and IM SURE YOU GUYS KNOW ALL THE STEPS USING SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE DRIVES TO HACK DC CODES AND DC ITSELF SO I WONT KEEP TYPING THOSE AMAZING FEATS.

Anyway they can do all this complex dc pc hardware, sd card, mp3 WITH REMOTE hardware to sell for dc, make own games etc but they cant figure out saturn code on virtua cop 2 dreamcast collection game? All this =2 systems are too different saturn and dc, its impossible= need to stop yapping because sega DID IT. Virtua Cop 2 on dreamcast, why cant HOMEBREWERS RUN SATURN GAMES at 100% SPEED ON DREAMCAST, MAYBE STEALING CODES FROM VIRTUA COP 2 SEGA COLLECTIONS CD FOR DC?

I heard a rumour that sega lost some saturn source codes, while i like to think sega was always a organized biz with all game makers keeping files at sega hq, losing stuff dont surprise me for example sonic xtreme demo released on ebay (instead keep inside sega) by sonic developer in 2005 or a company not actually knowing how many of their LICENCED mega drive/GENESIS and its clones sold...model 2, nomad, jvc wondermega/x eye, sega wondermega, sega cdx, (1 working out of 5 neptune model), genesis 3, firecore, genmobile, retromobile, sega tec toy zone 40, etc...sold worldwide that just estimates 40 million instead of keeping documents of sells, has brought me back to reality that they are not too organized nor were they releasing so many variations of genesis before veto'ing sega cartridge neptune for cd saturn early on and just their post genesis to dreamcast promotion was horrid.

Anyway even though im not as retrocore to buy a genesis 1 model again with segacd model 1 with power base converter 1 or 2 or add 32x on or even rebuy another cdx because im happy with kega on my netbook with genesis/saturn usb controller, i find it hard to believe sega or a hb refuse to know how to make a "sega collection 2" with like 5 great saturn games AND 5 best sega cd games on 1 700 mb or actually they do make 800 and 900 mb cd-r discs, and release for dreamcast or even xbox live or wii using code.

I heard dreamcast games and followed soon will be saturn games online (not sega cd (?) eternal champions sega cd or sonic cd or silpheed cd or lunar cd or final fight cd ???) but damn...it'll be cool to play on dc.

Also a sd card add on was made last month for dreamcast that can play many emus, why cant they put sega cd or saturn games and emus on that, because doesnt psp play emus of sega cd on it? The sd card plugs into dc control port

Thats basically want i wanted to say and ask ^.


p.s.s. heard a dc sd card reader out. can dc then play sms nes gen snes tg16 etc emu on flash or sd card?

January 17th, 2011, 00:04
lol, SSF is coded to work for PC only. So no you cannot run SSF on Dreamcast. As for Virtua Cop 2 on DC, that's a pc port, not the DC emulating it. Saturn games will never be playable on the DC. You might as well get use to it.

dj vectorman
January 17th, 2011, 07:31
ok thx answer

well the gen emu on my dc seems perfect, except sound very sharp, gendc 2006, has all gen roms etc.

thanks answering,

dc cant run ssf?

does dc sd card let dc run many emus?

any saturn hb games i can d/l?

i got all dc hb games

hb = homebrew, u guys, what i call 4th party