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The EX
September 9th, 2006, 11:13


Ok, I have seen LOADS of continuous threads about "Which Custom Firmware shall I choose" or "Which is the best?". One, It clogs the forums up. Two, I am getting sick of answering questions nine times a day :p

Well, this is for those people who need to be assured the Custom Firmware is safe etc. This FAQ will take you through most or maybe all of the things you need to know before using the custom firmware(s) :tup:


If you have any queries on this guide or want to give feedback please PM me, I will be happy to help you or get any suggestions on what to add to this FAQ.


As you all know, the custom firmware(s) do have a potential risk of bricking your PSP, INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK! Do not come to me, I do NOT have any responsibility if a brick occurs.


Firstly, may I introduce you to the Custom Firmware Guide by me, Moose_Island (The Ex). And if you need help installing any mods or the actual custom firmware, take a look here (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=32382&highlight=Ultimate+Custom+Firmware+Guide), This guide (also made by me) will take you through how to install the cutom firmware and even to help you install the PRX's, even if it is very simple!


What is it?
I hear you ask "What is this so called "Custom" Firmware", well, the custom firmware concept was originally founded by Dark_AleX (we all know who he is, so I need not explain :p). It really isn't a completely customized firmware, more like a modded one.

How did Dark_AleX do it?
Well, as some have known for quite some time, firmware 1.50 has not been able to load .prx’s for some reason beyond me! But they have been able to make firmware 1.50 load .elf files!

What does that mean?
It means instead of loading a .prx file, we load an .elf file which then loads a .prx, basically tricking the PSP into thinking everything is fine, carry on to load the XMB and while it thinks that, behind the scenes, the "custom" firmware loads the .PRX's.

Does it write to my flash?
Yes it does write to the flash, this means there is a RISK OF BRICKING.

But how does the recovery mode work?
A question many people have been asking is that I have just stated! What happens is that when the PSP loads this .elf file it loads it after every other .prx, ones that are supposed to be loaded have loaded, so it loads at the end enabling you to control what happens after that. Clever eh!

What is the config file?
The config file found in:

Dark_AleX's POC (http://forums.qj.net/showthread.php?t=59642&highlight=Custom+Firmwares): PSP/SYSTEM/*here*
Harleyg's Custom Firmware Mod v0.2 (http://dl.qj.net/index.php?pg=12&fid=8890): PSP/SYSTEM/*here*
Lordsturm's Custom Firmware Mod v3 (http://forums.qj.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=5003&d=1154517272)/2 (http://localhost.geek.nz/crap/CASUAL_v2_FIX.zip): CASUAL/*here*
XxPsPmadxX & Mooser Custom Firmware Patch v0.25b (http://forums.qj.net/showpost.php?p=894080&postcount=1): PSP/SYSTEM/*here*
MortuuS edit (http://forums.qj.net/showpost.php?p=843056&postcount=1024): PSP/SYSTEM/*here*

The config file is where you get to choose what features of the Custom Firmware you want/don't want to be activated.
The features you can get (depending on the custom firmware (mod) you have:

For Dark_AleX's POC Custom Firmware:

Execution of normal pbp's (1.00 ones, no-kxploited)
Possibility of hiding corrupt icons.
Posibility of skipping the SCE logo at the startup. Use this to avoid the auto-execution of UMD's.
"Recovery mode:". If you keep R pressed while starting the psp, it will enter in "Recovery mode".

For CASUAL v2 (http://localhost.geek.nz/crap/CASUAL_v2_FIX.zip)/3 (http://forums.qj.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=5003&d=1154517272) by LordSturm:

Recovery mode is now R again...
In recovery mode, you can press L+R+Start to start auto format. ( Auto re-install 1.50. )
Holding X+DpadDown will execute XFlasher, just incase you messed up with it... ( WON'T repair. )
- Intergrated PROTECTED mode, and DEVHOOK modes, require "reboot.bin" and "Dumps" on MS.
NEW BOOT STLYES! Normal, Shell and Modchip
Normal boots 1.50 unless L is held, then assigned homebrew loads.
Shell loads assigned Shell always, with no conditions, allows Xflash/Recovery...
Modchip loads latest devhook configuration, unless interupted with L.
For saftey reasons, you may not enter PROTECTED/DEVHOOK versions of 1.50 by DEFAULT yet.
|_ It is required to hold down UP, or Triangle, respectivly...
2 Devhook config files included, required for protected and devhook modes.
The Configuration menu can now be brought up by pressing SELECT, and loads by default once.
vshmain_bak.prx is no longer created, nor used. ( Useless feature. )
Holding DOWN will revoke ALL modifications, ie. KXPLOIT etc. but allow Autoboot...
Hold UP for protected mode, and Triangle for Devhook enhancement mode.
Holding L will only skip autoboot, mods will load. ( Vary's upon styles. )
Holding Triangle or UP bypasses all other autoboot's, but all mods are loaded.
NAMEPLATE Appears in About, refrence for instructions etc.
Unflasher intergrated into Configrator, will close confiurator.

Harleygs modification V2 (http://dl.qj.net/index.php?pg=12&fid=8890):

Booting with "HOLD" on goes into configuration and recovery mode.
Booting with wlan switch down goes into devhook.
Booting with wlan switch up goes into XMB.
Booting while holding X will launch the autoboot eboot set in config.txt.
Boot manager inside the configuration and recovery mode can return to XMB and devhook.
A few more bug fixes.

XxPsPmadxX & Mooser Custom Firmware Patch v0.25b (http://forums.qj.net/showpost.php?p=894080&postcount=1):

This release brings a New Recovery Mode with GUI that is fully
You can edit the GUI your self and give it the
look you want.
Otherwise, it is exactly the same as Dark_AleX's POC.

MortuuS edit (http://forums.qj.net/showpost.php?p=843056&postcount=1024):

Default boots the homebrew defined in the config
XMB will autoboot the homebrew you select, unless you hold left trigger while it's booting.
HB it autoboots to the XMB, unless you hold down the left trigger while it's booting.

What are PRX's?
A PRX is something that your PSP, my PSP and everyones PSP needs to eb able to run. It is usually a small file. E.G: Blah.prx
There are LOADS of them in your Flash1/0.

What do they do?
Well, there are many of them, some work together to do certain things, some don't. Your browser is made up of certain .prx's (not just .prx's though), your XMB is too. You get the idea, lots of things use them on your PSP!

I heard you can download .prx's?
Your correct, you can, have a look here (http://forums.qj.net/f-psp-firmware-discussion-253/t-custom-firmware-poc-mods-59916.html) all thanks goes to NutterButter on that guide. Take a look, it has all the dfferent PRX's that people have made for you to use, they include:

c5cha7s L-Trigger Autoboot (http://forums.qj.net/showpost.php?p=842362&postcount=841)
All In One Custom firmware module by Zettablade (http://forums.qj.net/showthread.php?t=59913)
PSP Audio Recorder Beta (http://dl.qj.net/PSP-Audio-Recorder-Beta-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/6935/catid/140)
MP3 Plugin V2 by Slasher (http://dl.qj.net/dl.php?fid=9290)
VSHExtender (http://dl.qj.net/VSHExtender-v0.1-for-1.50-with-Custom-Firmware-PSP/pg/12/fid/8921/catid/114)
Screenshot Plugin (http://dl.qj.net/Screenshot-Module-for-DevHook-Bugfix-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/8593/catid/151)
USB plugin by Slasher (http://www.sendspace.com/file/ml8o2h)

What do the PRX's stated above do?

c5cha7s L-Trigger Autoboot:
Runs the homebrew autoboot if you hold the L-Trigger.

All In One Custom firmware module by Zettablade:
-Takes screenshots with the note button
-Auto USB (just plug it in and it connects automaticaly)
-Overs clocks the CPU to 333/333/166 for speed

PSP Audio Recorder Beta:
This allows you to record audio from a UMD or homebrew using L+R+Circle to begin recording and L+R+Square to stop recording.
It saves the recording as a WAV file in PSP/Music.

MP3 Plugin V2 by Slasher:
his allows you to listen to mp3s ANYWHERE in the XMB!

Currently supports up to 100 songs in the ms0:/PSP/MUSIC/ folder!

- You can now change the CPU speed if you wish to get rid of any lag you may experience.
- HOME = Activate the module
- HOME + LTRIGG = Switch song(to the left)
- HOME + RTRIGG = Switch song(to the right)
- HOME + UP = Stop current MP3
- HOME + SQUARE = Pause/Unpause

Known Bugs -
- Make sure to stop your current song before loading up a homebrew or UMD, else crashes.
- When exiting out of USB mode, music may mess up. Just switch the current song to fix that.

Place the mp3XMB folder(and all its contents) in the ROOT (ms0:/(here)). This is very important! It MUST be in the root. Then, just simply point the P.O.C. Custom Firmware to load the RUNMEmp3.prx. ex) loadmodule0 = "ms0:/mp3XMB/RUNMEmp3.prx".

The following buttons are configurable.

VSHExtender v0.1 partially based on Booster's code bur was rewritten for fw1.5. The developer suggests that this application be used with Dark_AleX's custom firmware or any custom firmware which allows users to add external modules (Harleyg's counted).

- Press HOME + SELECT in the XMB to change the CPU and GPU speeds, steps are 133/66, 222/111, 266/133, and 333/166
- Press HOME + CIRCLE in the XMB to change the CPU speed to 30MHz and the GPU to 50MHz. This makes the XMB become a little laggy but is fine for playing AT3 music or AVC video as this is hardware decoded
- Press HOME + L TRIGGER to execute ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/DEVBOOT.PBP - this is yet ANOTHER way of booting DevHook instantly into 2.71 firmware, but now you can do it after startup
- Press HOME + R TRIGGER to get battery percentage, voltage and temperature information.

Screenshot Plugin:
Allows you to take screenshots of the XMB.

USB plugin by Slasher:
Starts up the USB connection whenever you are in the XMB

Ok, That is the end of the guide. If you can think of anything to add, which I hope you can as I had something to add but it has been lost in my head somewhere :Argh: !
Thanks for reading and I hope it was easily enjoyed and understood.

September 9th, 2006, 12:21
Really well explained tutorial. Made my PSP a tad more modded now, with all of the custom PRX's :P

EDIT: the VSHExtender link doesn't work. here is the addy:

Uruz 6
September 9th, 2006, 12:51
Quick question: I flashed my psp with Dark Alex Custom (the first that came out) and it's awesome but.. can I remove now the two folder in the GAME dir (custom firmware and custom firmware%)? I don't want to re-flash=>brick my psp by mistake you see.

The EX
September 9th, 2006, 13:08
Thanks Prasoc.

September 9th, 2006, 13:14
Great guide man! Just what I needed!

September 9th, 2006, 13:26
this is the 2nd guide on custom firmware u've come up with The Ex and it's looking good though it's crap being unable to use custom firmware or 1.5 for that matter :( btw i don't see what's wrong with linking to Qj though

Uruz 6
September 9th, 2006, 15:14
Quick question: I flashed my psp with Dark Alex Custom (the first that came out) and it's awesome but.. can I remove now the two folder in the GAME dir (custom firmware and custom firmware%)? I don't want to re-flash=>brick my psp by mistake you see.

So.. how about giving me a hand here?

The EX
September 9th, 2006, 17:27
Yes, you can remove the two folders in GAME.

Uruz 6
September 9th, 2006, 17:35
Yes, you can remove the two folders in GAME.


September 11th, 2006, 22:22
i like that