View Full Version : ScummVM help wanted!

September 9th, 2006, 15:27
I have just got my supercard lite though this morning and its working beautifully!

I've installed ScummVM, but I dont have any games!!!

Where can i get them from? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

September 9th, 2006, 15:43
There are actually a few free roms on thier site. Go here (http://www.scummvm.org/downloads.php#extras) ,those should work for ya. I can't say because I don't have my supercard yet ^_^. But I do emulate scummvm on my linux box.

September 9th, 2006, 15:50
oh i was thinking "this thread is gonna get closed" but that link is to freeware stuff, not a piracy site

September 9th, 2006, 15:52
Never talk about warez. Never talk of USING warez.
Never give anyone else IDEAS of warez.


~The Hombrew Hunter.

The Hombrew Hunter
September 9th, 2006, 15:52
You should NOT talk of Roms. You never link to roms, but only if the creators of a game ALLOW the roms for free.

Those are freeware, but don't ask for links to illegal roms.

September 9th, 2006, 15:55
I think they consider the lucasarts stuff abandonware now. Their copyright has expired.

September 9th, 2006, 16:03
Sorry - didnt realise it was a sensitive subject!

I have the games on good old 3.5inch disks - but how do you make the rom from that? Im new to all this.

Cheers for the other links. I'll take a look now.

The Hombrew Hunter
September 9th, 2006, 17:18
Not sure, check the ScummVM DS forums.

September 9th, 2006, 17:30
A lot of the Lucas Arts games are now Abandonware as are NES games etc. just check before you link to anything.