View Full Version : Problem with gp2p 0.6

September 9th, 2006, 20:07
It keeps on crashing and I can;t even get it to start any games at all. I have the beta version by the way.

Can someone help me please? Also is this the highest version that is avaliable?


September 9th, 2006, 20:11
what are you using? 1.5 or gta eloader or tiff eloader
do you have bios? what game are you trying to play?

yes that is the highest version (although its gpSP not gp2p)

September 9th, 2006, 20:32
how bout the roms or di you put it in a wrong folder?

September 9th, 2006, 20:34
I'm using 1.5 firmware and yes i'm using a bios image.

I'm not using any loaders I think and the games I have tested so far are Pokemon Emerald and Ruby, Sonic Advance 2. The emu crashes before any of them load.

A message comes up saying something like' I regret to inform you that the PSP has crashed' with a blue screen and lots of writing. I have had to restart my PSP a couple of times and it still isn't working.

September 9th, 2006, 20:39
hmm, dunno why it crashes, doesnt for me, is it only sonic you get blue screen with or all

to get the pokemon games working you need to go into the menu (triangle then right arrow) and change flash rom type from 64kb to 128kb

(if that still doesnt work it might be the bios, think i read somewhere there are 2 different gba bios' one that will work and one that wont)

September 9th, 2006, 20:39
i have the same problem cause of the auto save feature. It automatically saves right after u save in the game. Sometimes the file (gpsp.cfg) gets corrupted, just keep replacing the file (gpsp.cfg) with the original one in the zip. Or wait till the next version.

September 9th, 2006, 20:45
The original one in the zip? I thought that was the original one I transfered?

As I said before I tried it with all the games and none of them work due to the emu crashing.

Is there any other GBA emulator that works well (especially with the Pokemon games). I already have PSPVBA but that seems kinda slow IMO but so far seems very promising!

September 9th, 2006, 20:47
well there are a few more gba emus, but none are as good as pspvba, but ZX-81 has stoped working on it (due to gpSP)

September 10th, 2006, 01:08
nah gpsp is the best

September 10th, 2006, 02:19
1) Enable USB host
2) chkdsk your stick
3) Re-install the emulator files to the stick
4) Mark the .cfg file as read-only (in explorer, properties)

It won't corrupt it anymore then.

September 10th, 2006, 07:31
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September 11th, 2006, 00:53
If you see the Gameboy logo startup just before it's crashed, I think you try to open/run the bios. Don't touch the bios. Just select the Rom you wish to play.

September 11th, 2006, 11:17
Sorry this is a little off-topic but dang Franzkill did you make your sig? That's freakin sweet. I envy :D

Actually a friend of mine made it for me but I also assisted him so technically I guess you can call it a joint effort. :p

Glad you like it anywho. I'm a hardcore Sonic fan as you can see! ;)

September 11th, 2006, 23:26
Well gPSP 0.7 is out and it is alot more stable. I suggest you download.