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September 10th, 2006, 08:01
I have to clear a few things up about the m64 "release" i made recently.

1) The source i received was in fact an older build and was 100% monkey's work, i have the newer source now but it was bad of me to release it :(

2) There actually wasn't a significant speed up in that one line of source change i made because turns out i made it in the wrong places for speed ups and monkey had already made the emulator Peek buffer where it did matter

3) Please, for the love of god, DO NOT CALL ME MONKEY II although i only found one person who called me that and its very flatering i am not even comparable to Monkey in coding skill.

In spite of the above i am going to continue working on M64 but i won't make a release until ive actually, you know....... done something significant.

Thankyou All and i am sorry for the inconveniences, Hopefully zion will make a release soon enough on hs build.

PS: Im going to be away all this week but <Puts on lame Arnold Swartzenegger accent> I will be back

September 10th, 2006, 13:37
It was me who called you Monkey II and I apologise for it. I didn't mean any disrespect. I have high hopes for this emu and believe it will be great. Thanks for taking it on PSDroideka!

September 10th, 2006, 14:55
this emulator doens;t even work!
it doesn;t run any games!!

tell me if u have run any games, coz i can;t seem to run anything

September 10th, 2006, 15:00
Try set the right microcode?