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September 10th, 2006, 17:35
just bought myself a dreamcast off ebay for 10.50(my original dc broke 2yrs ago), so somebody please welcome me back to the dreamcast scene and point me in the right direction of some cool homebrew emulators and stuff for when I recieve it :D

September 10th, 2006, 17:43
First of all, congratulations and welcome to the club ;P

about emulators:
nesterdc: NES emulator
neo4all: neo geo emulator
GenesisPLus DC: Genesis/Megadrive emulator
DreamSNES: SNES emulator
SMEG: master system emulator
NeoPocott DC: neo geo pocket emulator
DCgnuboy: gameboy emulator

September 10th, 2006, 19:10