View Full Version : DC console emulator?

February 19th, 2011, 17:02
Hi everyone I'm new here. I heard about this place being in the process of making a DC emulator for the PS3 CFW. I was really excited about the news. I own a DC but the console disc drive is malfunctioned and I tried to get it to work but to no success. I was wondering if you guys already made a DC emulator for the PS3 CFW? If not, I hope you guys can make one in the future. Also, I wanted to ask you guys, how do you mod or make these emulators? All of this modding and PS3 CFW got me excited to probably relearn programing materials. I took java programming about 3 years ago so I'm very rusty. Any suggestion on how to get started on emulators and what programming language to learn? Thanks:o