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February 27th, 2011, 19:50
Ctr-Gcs-DacoTaco-Edition 0.1 released by DacoTaco

Ctr-Gcs : DacoTaco Edition is a tool built to create or restore full, raw memory card backups and GCI save files just like the GC application Ctr-gcs did. These dumps can be saved to restore later or be used in emulators like Dolphin-emu (http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Dolphin). Unlike ctr-gcs however, this utility can read or write to unofficial memory cards; no matter what its size is.
The program will read & write the dump to the SD card (in the ctr-gcs folder) as card_dump.raw
Also please note that if you restore a corrupt dump to a memory card, or if the program shows an error while creating or restoring a dump, you may end up with a corrupted memory card.
Todo list

Fix CARD_Create error -6 (failure to create cause previous delete didn't free the allocations correctly) on GCI restore
Do another attempt to get nintendo cards working flawless (no need for GC game or SM to unlock card)
Make code nicer to look at
Download here (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=171)