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March 27th, 2011, 01:58
It seems the PS3 dongle wars are not dead is starting to heat back up. Recently, there have been news of new cheat devices such as PS3usercheat (http://www.ps3usercheat.com/), a cheat device released by the PS3Break team and Cobra USB (http://www.cobra-usb.com/).


PS3USERCHEAT is another revolutionary product from PS3BREAK TEAM, used WORLD NEW TECHNOLOGY. Meanwhile it is also the world's first dongle that supports PS3 game roms and PS3 AR cheat perfectly. That is to say, when you use it, you don't need to buy the expensive genuine blu-ray game CD, just need to have some free game roms. You will be invincible in the game because of special effects while simultaneously have never experienced such extraordinary feeling. Main functions:

support game rom without the genuine blu-ray game CD.
support AR cheat function, perfect effects include "infinite energy, the strongest equipment, never game over"
100% upgradeable, Compatible with all PS3 models – Fat and Slim.
Onboard SLC NANDFLASH Memory of 128MB.
High speed 32 bit CPU processor clocked at 500MHz
fully updatable via USB on your Windows PC using a very simple and intuitive process.
A microSDHC slot is inbuilt which supports up to 32GB for future expansion.
regularly updated to provide our users with the latest features at no extra cost.
Simple step-by-step guide available on the site will show you how to use and install CHT dongle and our support team will assist you with any problems you may encounter along the way.
Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive or the internal Hard Drive your PS3.
Playing games from HDD gives you loads of benefits, including faster loading times and reduced strain on the lens of the Bluray drive of your PS3.


PS3usercheat is available at LighTake (http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.37316~C.IOOAM102312010ANEWC) and PriceAngels (http://shrsl.com/?~s8x). PS3usercheat also resembles P3Go (review (http://reviews.dcemu.co.uk/content/685-Review-P3Go-GT-Break-II-USB-microSD-SDHC)). I wouldn't be surprised if they also released a cheat device.


Cobra USB – The Ultimate PS3 USB solution!.

** Blu Ray Movie region free functionality
** Allows you to play Blu Ray movie ISO’s from HDD
** Allows you to play DVD movie ISO’s from HDD
** Integrated support to play PS1 game ISO’s from HDD
** Integrated support to play PSP mini games from HDD
** Enjoy PS3 games with files >4GB on external USB HDD
Supports FAT and SLIM PS3 consoles any region
Supports versions up to 3.50 (console must be running 3.41)
Play PS3 games from internal HDD
MCU firmware and flash firmware updatable using easy to use free PC updater
First class customer support and free regular firmware upgrades
No need to open your console, just plug and play
High quality components and materials used throughout
Unique and built from scratch Cobra USB manager featuring slick U.I. and customized options with easy navigation
Actel based encryption engine onboard to prevent device cloning
Fast onboard 2 Mbyte SPI flash for firmware storage
High quality onboard MCU
Easy mode selection via switch (PC update, PS3 downgrader, regular PS3 device mode)
Downgrader functionality included free of charge, allowing users to upgrade firmware to and from 3.41 at will
Multi lingual user interface (English, Spanish and French as standard with more languages to be supported later)
** = World’s first implementation
Cobra USB is available at LighTake (http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.37456~C.IOOAM102312010ANEWC).

And last but not least, the E3DIY/E3Card (review (http://reviews.dcemu.co.uk/content/688-Review-E3-Card-Reader-microSDHC-PSGroove)) team has released an update, which they have dubbed the "E3 GoldenFinger", which gives the low priced E3 Card Reader device similar cheat functions for free.


E3Card is available at LighTake (http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.34184~C.IOOAM102312010ANEWC), Acekard.ca (http://www.acekard.ca/?AffId=6), NDSCardSale (http://www.ndscardsale.com/product/sku/94604~r.1294799472U37449) and VolumeRates (http://www.volumerates.com/product/e3-card-reader-micro-sd-tf-card-reader-ps3-dongle-with-128kb-flash-94604~r.1288139925U4523).

Hi Buddy

We are E3diy. Do you forget your E3card Reader?
Today we will bring you a new surprise, a complete FREE gift, the E3 Golden Finger.

Three months ago, there was a war that engulf the world. It's not only the war between SONY and hackers but also among the jailbreakers. You know, there were three kinds of jailbreaks: those could not be upgraded, those the clone of the clone of the clone and those big-ones which could downgrade the PS3 firmware from 3.50 to any lower version. Those of the three. That was three months ago. And now, how many of them can still be named?

I don't want to mention that we were the one who had fistly cheated the PSN with a 3.5proof then made the SONY change its strategy; I don't want to mention that we were the first one who had released the world's first unlimited downgrader for completely free meanwhile some smart guys tried to sell their promise but made everyone upset.

I just want to say, hi guys we are still here, we still work for your joy, and other than these, nothing is important. Currently, E3 GoldenFinger support genuine games (check game list (http://e3diy.net/Download/gamelist_en.txt)), and the supporting for ROM is coming soon. You can download the E3 GoldenFinger by click here (http://e3diy.net/Download/GoldenFinger.zip), and read the user guide from here (http://e3diy.net/e3_golden_finger_user_guide_en.htm).

Armed with the E3 Golden Finger means that you could have:
- unlimited ammo
- unlimited HP and MP
- An undead body in the game.
- Teach those big-guys who truly is the right BOSS.

The only thing you need is to:
- Download the free upgrade file (http://e3diy.net/Download/GoldenFinger.zip)
- Plug your E3card Reader in your PC
- Copy the upgrade file (GoldenFinger.bin) to the E3Upgrader driver
- Copy the CFD folder into the 4M memory stick (E3_4M_STICK).
- Please refer to the user guide (http://e3diy.net/e3_golden_finger_user_guide_en.htm)for the useage.

Then everything is done.

For your joy, we will
- bring more new features to you,
- add support for new games ASAP
- try to make the next surprise for you quietly. ^_^

Have a good time.

E3 - make Everything Easy and Efficient

Best Regards

*NOTE: Although some of the features mentions playing "roms" or genuine games without the actual disc, we at DCEmu do not condone piracy. The purpose of this post is for reference and news purposes only.

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