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March 27th, 2011, 23:35
News via http://x360.gx-mod.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=3299

Since the X360USBpro is available at dealers with video advertising, informing customers that the tool of Team Xecuter is fully compatible with the readers of Slim Liteon 9504 and 0225 but Hitachi 0500.

The X360USB PRO includes features THE FOLLOWING:
Any SATA device to connect "any PC or laptop via USB
Compatible with Xbox 360 DVD drives, Hitachi, Samsung, Benq & Liteon (FAT)
Compatible with Xbox 360 DVD drives Liteon & Hitachi (SLIM)
Repair your Xbox 360 DVD Drive Within minutes - no more weeks of waiting!
No SATA Port Required
Fully compatible with Tools like Jungle Flasher
No More Driver / OS / / SATA Compatibility Problems
Fully Upgradeable Firmware On-Board
Supports Mass Storage Mode As Default
Dual Mode & PortIO WINAPI
Enhanced tools for speed WINAPI Such as Xbox Backup Creator *
Power Status & Activity LED's
Team Xecuter's Superior Manufacturing Quality
Team Xecuter Backed Warranty 24 / 7 Support Forums - Over 176.000 Members Since 2002
Official Product Website: www.x360usb.com
Plus a video showing X360USBpro a Liteon 0225.

By force of circumstance and paste and follow the advertising, this upsets the side of C4Eva.

Yesterday we learned that the 9504 final firmware was sent by @ mail to various testers around the world, the jungle team, meanwhile prepares nfo file for the launch of the LT + 9504.

C4Eva currently waiting the return of testers before authorizing the release of LT +. We know from practice that the final tests usually last less than a week, so naturally the tests are inconclusive.

The second point concerned the firmware of the LiteOn 0225, which should quickly follow the release of the 9504 amendments as compared to the latter are thin, the writing method is found working on TX and C4Eva thinking of a quick exit.


[2011-03-26 9:47 pm UTC] # fw I hope that 0225 will not require cuts!
[2011-03-26 9:57 pm UTC] # fw The 0225 will not be a big problem!
[2011-03-26 11:56 PM UTC] nope, the 0225 will write very well, just a few checks
[2011-03-26 11:57 PM UTC] The 0225 firmware soon.
[2011-03-27 12:11 AM UTC] <******> Emperor made another critical error.
[2011-03-27 12:11 AM UTC] yep [2011-03-27 12:47 AM UTC] ******* Thank you to write the 0225 is fine
[2011-03-27 24:52 pm UTC] # fw The 0225 tests is he now??
[2011-03-27 1:03 am UTC] # fw The write of 0225 is not a problem, work on it now!

Keep your patience, this should not delay
Thank you to The Green for help in drafting the article.

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