View Full Version : Maximus 360Lizard: Gecko 1.06 with 2x Read Speed

March 30th, 2011, 00:43
We are releasing Gecko 1.06 with an improvement on Firmware Read Speed, we have reached 2X reading speed, that means half of the time of Firmware Dumping. The update require you download the latest TBX B015 (http://www.360lizard.com/website/downloads.php) as by default the Gecko 1.06 will still boot on standard speed, when you do click on Get Device Details will negotiate with Lizard and will set it for 2x speed.

Also we added a function on TBX to rename your Lizard, this will allow you some personalization, the name will be shown on the boot screen (http://www.360lizard.com/website/images/news_images/Imagen224.jpg) of Gecko 1.06.

Many Thanks to all beta testers for his help testing this new Gecko 1.06, we will keep working on this Device upcoming features.
Official Site: http://www.360lizard.com (http://www.360lizard.com/)