View Full Version : Snes Advance (Secret of Mana Build) & Superdat Updated

January 12th, 2005, 10:10
Sephiroth2k has followed FluBBas Snes Advance release with a new version of his Secret of Mana Snes Advance Build, theres also been a new Superdat released too.[br][br]Download the new Superdat Here (http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/snesadvance.shtml) [br][br]Download the Secret of Mana Snes Advance Build Here (http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/snesadvance-hack.shtml) [br][br]Snes Advance is a Super Nintendo emulator for the GBA but also works on the Nintendo DS and Gamecube Gameboy Player.