View Full Version : Xbox suddenly stopped connecting to Live

April 1st, 2011, 11:06
OK so I put on xbox for a friendly game of black ops but I then notice when going into the game that my NAT is set to strict I have to then reset the router twice before it went to open. I eventually get into a match and after 1 minute of playing I get disconnected, im then reconnected outside of the game and as Im trying to talk to my friends on headset i keep disconnecting then reconnecting to live till after 4th time I can no longer connect. I have a BT home Hub 2 and my PC using wired still connects and the two mobile telephones also still connect, wirelessly of course. Im using the official one antena wireless adapter and ive tried using the wired connection my pc uses. Both the wired and wireless options show that im not even getting to the BT Home Hub however my PC recognises my Xbox is on and my Home Hub set up shows the xbox is connected oh and doing an ARP -a also shows the xbox on the network. The result from about 12am till now is the same xbox will not connect to xbox live. I have tried resetting the router ive tried deleting the applications sharing set up for xbox live i had on the Home Hub and ive tried resetting the connection info on the xbox. It seems pretty random as every step of the way i've been checking it and it keeps changing but the 'Error Status Report' shows W: 0000 - 0021 x: 8001 - 8605 Y: 0000 - 0000 Z: 0000 - 0000 ID:0001 - 0002 It would be great if anyone could offer some assistance on this, thanks for your time.