View Full Version : 360 Lizard: Gecko 1.07 and TBX B016, to support C4E 9504 LT release

April 10th, 2011, 21:32
From 360lizard.com (http://www.360lizard.com/website/news.php):
We are releasing an update to Gecko OS (1.07) and Lizard Toolbox (B016) to support the C4E 9504 Slim LT release. You can get the Toolbox on our download page and the Gecko update using the Lizard FW Updater application.

In order to be able to generate the CFW files it is MANDATORY to update your Fileset Templates (those file need to be placed in the "CFW_Templates" folder). Visit the Official Fileset blog (http://cfwfileset.blogspot.com/2011/04/what-is-fileset-how-to-install-it.html) to download them as they are not included with the Lizard Toolbox Software Releases.

Please NOTE in order to successfully flash your 9504 Drive you need to go to the "Read Key from Slim Drive" option under Slim Liteon Menu on lizard, this will dump a full serial and key area.

** IMPORTANT !!: If you did a dump already with previous Gecko Releases (for example to change the drive for a phat model) you need to re-dump the original drive using the latest Gecko OS (1.07) as this new dump required portions of the firmware not included in previous releases (Key area and full serials).

The Procedure to Flash your drive is as follows (We are doing a proper tutorial)
a) Get the Key using the Read Key from Slim Drive option on the Slim Liteon Menu on Lizard (this will generate all required files and will send to PC)
b) On the Lizard Toolbox application go to CFW Generator tab and then to the Easy view and load the source_dummy.bin file just created.
c) Select the type of firmware to make (original or CFW) and Save As.
d) On Lizard enter on MTK icon follow onscreen instructions
e) Go to Write option on Lizard and when prompted send the Generated File (default Liteon_CFW.bin) in the Toolbox.

Currently the Lizard toolbox will not allow you to open the generated firmware on the Advanced Tab, only on the easy view tab, the main reason is because Advanced tab is mainly for spoofing and 9504 release don't allow spoofing. We will work on a fix on the couple of days to enable opening the file on the Advanced tab; but for now itís not really needed.

Also we have got reports of people that have Driveís labeled as 9504 but that are reported as 0225, well this is a known issue and it just happen that are 0225 drives that were not re-labeled by the factory, itís not a TBX, nor Lizard nor Jungle flasher problem.

Also we had a support request from a guy who just did his first bad flash (he accidentally lost power on the drive while flashing). Since the flashing had gotten to the 2nd bank the drive was no long detected nor being able to enter on MTK mode again (he used all tools available, dosflash, JF and lizard). So we just did a Quick Tutorial for Recovery (http://www.360lizard.com/website/downloads/SLIMBADFLASH_Recovery.jpg) from a bad flash using our friend The Scorpion. Itís not required every time, its similar to Benq Brick and is only required when the flash pass certain stage of flashing and it can happen with any flashing tool.

Last but not least, we want to express many thanks to c4e for his fair play of this release and keeping his word about not locking the release to any specific hardware, that means allot to us and all our customers. Full credit on the Slim LT firmware goes to c4e.