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April 13th, 2011, 23:41
News via http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EFpkVZEAZEivjXLbXG.php

As you might have read on our forums or elsewhere the last few days, the Beta Dashboard Microsoft released to members accepted into the System Update Preview Program is indeed flashing the firware of some DVD drives (only fat/slim lite-on and fat BenQ, fat Samsung afaik). The new beta dashboard, which has also been leaked online already, seems to be 13141/13142 for those who updated through LIVE and 13140 for those who got the green update disc. Besides flashing these drives with a new Original Firmware, it also has a new set of AP2.5 challenges.

While there's still much to find out and analysed, Defosho posted a nice FAQ/Round-up (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730311) of some findings - make sure to read his thread (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730311) for the latest info, but here's what's in it at time of writing:

1) The physical DVD drive is flashed with new firmware
Some drives are being flashed during the initial update process. This is overwriting your current drive firmware, whether it is custom or original. This is the reason why all backups are failing to boot for some people after the update, because you no longer have custom firmware. Re-flashing back to a CFW will allow current backups to start working again. If you have an AP25-supported drive then the 4 AP25-active titles listed below have a new challenge set in 13141/2 so existing backups of these with current patches won't work.
Flashing back to a different drive firmware could result in unknown consequences as the kernel/hv may be expecting to be communicating with a drive with updated OFW.
In the newly flashed drives, you may find that you can't retrieve your drive key. However c4eva has stated that drive key retrieval won't be a problem for the current new fw versions.
The new full 256 KB OFW flash files from the $SystemUpdate are in the $flash_oddupdp[<]1..2..3[>].xex files. These contain the following OFW updates:
Slim LiteOn: PLDS DG-16D4S 0272
Phat BenQ: PBDS VAD6038 04421C
Phat LiteOn: PLDS DG-16D2S 02510C
Samsung drives are updated with files from $install_extender.xex which contains 4 patches: ms25p1f9, ms25p2f9, ms28p1f9, ms28p2f9. Each patch is 48.4 KB with and makes a couple of KBs of changes in parts of the firmware.
One Samsung MS28 dumped is patched with ms28p2f9
One Samsung MS25 dumped is patched with (in testing...)
If you have CFW and you update to the beta dash it may fail with an error (e.g E64). In this case you'll have to re-flash to OFW first before the System Update will succeed.
Please don't post speculation about other drives, PM me if you have verifiable info.

2) A new AP25 challenge table
Data from 13141/13142 dash:
- 4 known games are in the table - all known language versions of AC:B, Fable III, NFS:HP and Halo Reach.
- These 4 games each have a new set of challenges so the current available patches will not work with a LT+ CFW.
- Call of Duty MW2 and Black Ops have been removed from the table so unpatched and patched backups should work with a LT+ CFW. Confirmation to follow.
- Read my AP25 FAQ (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=728912) for more information about the table.
AP25 continues to be a successful anti-backup measure. Do not dismiss it.

What's next?
New CFW versions based on the new OFW is likely to be needed. Don't expect anything for some time, this won't be affecting anyone with a retail dash for a while yet.

There's also some information from C4Eva on IRC:
[c4eva] currently beta dash will flash benq, phat liteons and slim 9504!
[c4eva] hitachi is ignored!
[_w*****] is it for protection or for the new disc format?
[c4eva] w*****:unsure maybe, could be just ensure stock drive for xgd3 testing, will know more soon!
[c4eva] there is no problem in dumping/key extraction for any of the new fw from beta dash!already looked at them all! will wait and see what is used for public release!

Members who got accepted in the System Update Preview Program also received a XGD3 Halo Reach disc (a silver one for those who got the dash upgrade through LIVE and a green one of those who have to update with the disc). Team Xecuter (http://team-xecuter.com/so-we-get-the-xgd3-halo-reach-disc-today/) has some info about the new XGD3 format:

The data reads larger than a DVD+R DL – but that may be faked / new protection so we will see.
The disc updates dash to 2.0.13140.0
Testing begins…….

Russian hackers (http://hackfaq.net/xbox360/ap25-patches-games/) have also released (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730314) a set of AP2.5 patches for all regional AP25-protected-games on both the current 12625 and 13142 beta dash. They have been confirmed to be working indeed, but according to Team Xecuter (http://team-xecuter.com/so-we-get-the-xgd3-halo-reach-disc-today/) they are unsafe to use on LIVE:

Also….There are some Russian guys who released fake Ap2.5 patches. These are not real patches but data from the full range of the DAE table and NOT the disc which is where they should come from. The disc will boot yes but they are EASILY detectable. If you use live DO NOT USE these fake patches. If you do not care about live in anyway and will never connect to live then go for it. C4E has already confirmed that he is going to release a live safe Ap2.5 ripper very soon – it’s in development amongst a TON of other things.

If you want more info about how AP2.5 works, I suggest you read this great FAQ (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=728912) by Defosho.