View Full Version : (PICS!)Is Anita unlockable in Darkstalker Chronicle PSP?

September 12th, 2006, 20:46
I don't want to start a rumour yet, because I haven't confirmed it yet...But so far, every cheat site confirms 3 secret unlockable characters for this PSP game. They are:

- Oroboro Bishamon
- Marrionnette
- Soul Collector or "ShadowSoul"

The thing is, my friend, who also owns a copy of the game, came across a video in the internet where you can see footage from various game battles, from this particular Darkstalkers PSP game, and Anita appears in it!! For those who don't know who she is, Anita is the little girl that looms around in the background when Donovan fights. She's only been playable so far as I know, in only one other Capcom game, and that is Marvel vs. Capcom for the original Playstation, where she is also unlockable.

In this video there is a 4 second interval were Anita is fighting Anakiris in the Subway entrance level and she appears to be losing, too.

Can anyone confirm this to be true?
I already tried over 25 different cheat sites but no cigar yet.

Also, why would Capcom not put her in the game as a playable character since she's all over it? You can see her in the Chronicles Image/Sound/Movies menu and even in the game's savedata icons....What gives?

Below, a picture of Donovan & Anita Hanchob (circled in yellow). lol ....that's not her real last name, but I just couldn't resist the pun.:p

September 15th, 2006, 15:01
Anyways....since no one's bothered to give me an answer....I'm bumping this post.



I just found out from someone over at the Shoryuken forums that the character Anita was a CAPCOM Japan exclusive easter egg for the game. What a drag.... Apparently me and the rest of the US folk got a mediocre version of the game. To make matters even worse... there's supposedly another unlockable character in there as well!! This time, it takes the form of a Vampire or "Devil" Donovan, as some called it over at Shoryuken.com forums...But this character goes simply by the name "Dee" in the game...I went to Yahoo and did an Image search by typing "Dee" inside the task bar, then hitting enter and WHOA!!! that's not what I was looking for but thanks a heck of a lot for helping me out with spank-tradition, Yahoo!! :p

Anyways, at Shoryuken, they even provided me with some images, although they don't look like the PSP DarkStalkers Chronicles game that I know, unless the background FRAME was set to "NONE". See for yourself....BTW, the girl is supposed to be an older Anita, which is not playable at all in the game...It's just there for Dee's ending purposes.

I still don't believe this to be true...The character of Dee looks like an EDIT of Demitri's sprite, but with Donovan's head and Sword stuck on it....and the Girl, well....anybody with good drawing skills could've made these with some MAME or CPS2 sprite rips, a scanner & MacPaint even...So, if anyone knows any truth to this, please let me know.:cool: ...Would be cool as heck to play him, though.

I just found out how Dee is unlocked & I think I'll download the Japanese ISO to verify how much truth there is behind all this...But I guess It'll have to wait until I get my new motherboard. If it's real, then I'll report back here.
BTW, anybody know if it's illegal to download an ISO of the Japanese game, even if you own the US UMDversion already? I highly doubt it...but I'd like to know first. Thanks.

****************2ND EDIT!!!****************
I just thought, now that I'm going crazy about Darkstalkers here, why not post the my custom pics for the PSP? ...And here they are! You can use them for backgrounds or for the save data background for DarkStalkers...since Capcom was lazy & they just put the Icon in there...Sheesh! I'm working on a custom Icon for the savedata myself which I'll later add in this post. Enjoy!

September 16th, 2006, 00:05
it is real, saw a friend do it

September 18th, 2006, 17:10
Hey acn010, what's up? Can you get your friend to tell you how he did it? Remember, I'm trying to find out how to unlock Dee in the Darkstalkers game for PSP...I've heard he is already unlockable through Darkstalkers Collection for PS2...Come to think about it, that's probably where these pictures were taken from, too.

Listen people, my friend that saw the video for Darkstalkers Chronicle where Anita is battling Anakiris, did some more research on the whole subject, he even called Capcom... He told me that in the end, that was a very old pre-game teaser trailer that somehow got leaked in the internet. What appears to be shown in that trailer is a running beta version of the Japanese game. The Capcom representative whom my friend spoke to on the phone said that this character "Anita" was not playable in any commercial release, of any region...which SUX. But the same guy also said that Vampire Donovan, better know as "Dee" IS however unlockable within the game, although he wouldn't disclose how to unlock him, and added that very few people have, but that once you do manage to unlock him, he stays within playable range, if you save the game afterwards... The Capcom representative mentioned however, that every single thing in the game needs to be unlocked first...Images, Endings, and Sounds...Just then will Dee be unlocked.

The code to play as Dee, once he is unlocked is:

Highlight "?" in the character select screen, press START (9) times and hit any attack button.

Has anybody confirmed this, yet?

I still neee four images to collect from Tower mode...which I've already beaten twice over...So I still gotta little more game to go before I can test this.

September 18th, 2006, 17:30
Long time since i have played it but this is how i got some carracters . At the character select menu go to ? and press start 5 then punch button . I dont remember how many times you had to press start for her but you get a hand full of new guys this way

September 18th, 2006, 17:38
Yes acid, you're right...How ya doing?

You get Marrionette - if you press START (7) times on "?", and press any punch or kick button.

You get Shadow Soul - if you press START (5) times on "?", and press any punch or kick button.

You get Oroboro Bishamon - if you highlight Bishamon, hold START and press any punch or kick button.

That's all the characters I've come across...Know of any others?

BTW, how did you guys like the PICS I put toghether for the PSP?

September 18th, 2006, 17:49
the pics look great. In vampire cronicles i think i got the girl your looking for but i cant remember how like i said it was so long ago. and i erased mi saved files:(

September 18th, 2006, 18:02
the pics look great. In vampire cronicles i think i got the girl your looking for but i cant remember how like i said it was so long ago. and i erased mi saved files:(

...Just my luck..,hehehe. But you did come across playing as Anita? The little girl? Impossible...Capcom said that even though she's all over the game, she didn't make it to the final commercial release. Trust me, my friend did his research on this...he's the bloody Darkstalkers fan. I just opened up this post to help him out. Not calling you a liar or anything Acid, but she's just not in there to play with. On the other hand, this "Dee"guy, supposedly is...so I'm trying to find out more about him, since I still have a few more things to collect in the game, before unlocking him.