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April 25th, 2011, 00:19
News via http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EFpFVkEplpvhTpxmtX.php

From teamfsd.com (http://www.teamfsd.com/content.php?7-Freestyle-Dash-2.0-Preview):
Hello Everyone -

First, I just wanted to remind everyone that the CoverContest currently being held by EliteModScene for covers.jqe360.com is coming to a close soon! Make sure to submit so you don't miss the opportunity to win a custom case.

Second, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what is to come in the next release - these notes are from our SVN so you may see things listed that don't apply to the end-user- and you may see things that get removed due to them not working at time of release- but with those stipulations- feast!

What's New:
(Fixed) Queues thread safety
(Fixed) profiling macro
(Fixed) Asset Manager - and Garbage Collection
(Fixed) Coverflow Transitions / Gamelist Transitions
(Fixed) Zoom and Tilt Modes in Coverflow
(Fixed) Issue with Miniblades and Dashlaunch
(Updated) Installer can now user 7-zp
(Added) Asset Manager Stability -
(Decreased) Load times for all game lists
(Added) Queue wrappers (Priority / FIFO / FILO)
(Added) Multiple process queues in file manager to allow scan and copy at the same time.
(Fixed) File Manager Cancel now clears queues properly
(Fixed) Rss item scroll update to use the proper width for the text item
(Updated) Plug In Screenshot Manager Skeleton Code
(Added) "Install To Xbox" Support for Coverflow covers
(Added) The ability to edit your full cover via HTTP Interface
(Adjusted) the way AssetManager handles the Garbage Collection
(Fixed) All Level 4 Compiler Warnings ^_^
(Removed) Duplicated Rijindael.cpp and .h to clean up linker warning
(Updated) AssetManager Queues and the AssetItem Object to be more self aware
(Added) Coverflow/AssetManager fixes
(Removed) Debug output of locale list - speed up transition in Content Settings
(Added) Old Gamelist functionality back in
(Added) GarbageCollection to AssetManager
(Added) New AssetManager to better manage texture loading ( WIP )
(Broke) Other game lists.
(Fixed) When you delete GOD game from GameList it removes all files.. (needs extensive testing)
(Added) Description of settings in the content settings
(Added) Skeleton Scn Code for Screenshot Manager
(Added) Screenshot Manager Icons
(Updated) Main with SS Manager Tab
(Revert) Some Speed up Changes - created more problems that fixes
(Updated) call stack stuff
(Added) callstack info
(Added) Profile Change Checks To RSS Tools in HTTP Interface
(Fixed) String format for rss loading text
(Updated) HTTP rss remove will reload feeds
(Improved) Game List Loading Speed by reducing hdd accessing threads.
(Added) Rss setting to enable/disable feed
(Added) Rss list based on signed in profile
(Added) Refresh Feeds from HTTP
(Updated) Favorites Start to be higher resolution
(Added) More RSS Feeds to Debugger Command
(Updated) Coverflow Gamelist Visual - recovering more and more functionality
(Updated) Rss feed now fully supports multiple feeds
(Updated) Feed update no longer on constant timer. Now based on info length
(Updated) Coverflow Visual - Huge Improvements Added
(Updated) Coverflow Manager to inherit the GameContentBase class
(Updated) GameContentManager to Inherit a GameContentBase Class to help in creating different game list types
(Added) Coverflow Functionality
(Added) Rss Feed Management to Http Interface (working)
(Added) Rss Feed Management to Http Interface (skeleton framework)
(Updated) trainer engine code, and fixed a few minor bugs
(Fixed) Issue where games with nxeslot didnt show up right in coverflow
(Fixed) Issue where avatar would break rendering in coverflow
(Added) RssAdd Command to debugger to add rss feeds
(Updated) RssManager to use the Database calls instead of xml
(Updated) RssManager to use SkinXML instead of skinsettings.xml
(Updated) Consolidated Rss code down
(Fixed) update and delete UserRSSFeeds from database
(Added) required header file for previous checkin
(Added) update and delete database commands for UserRSS Functions
(Update) changes to samba server from before svn crash
(Added) Profile Specific RSS Feeds to Database (get and add functions only)
(Fixed) Coverflow SlowDown
(Fixed) Cover Flipping
(Added) Loading text to rss
(Added) Rss hide when status is shown
(Added) Coverflow Visual - Experimental (WIP)
(Fixed) Rss now uses a single class instance
(Updated) TeamFSD Scene (Made it more basic)
(Fixed) Issue where user skins wouldn't load
(Removed) Randomly placed file in XZP
(Fixed) Version Manager issue causing FSD to not recognize build types
(Updated) HTTPClient To Use HTTP1.0 GET
(Fixed) Skin Focus Loss in Settings Menu
(Fixed) HTTP Server Error Messages
(Added) Ability to move a game to a different menu via HTTPServer - must reload game list in FSD to see changes
(Added) Error Message Handling in HTTPServer
(Added) Menu Selections for GetDB, and Config Settings to HTTPServer
(Added) HOME Button to HTTP Server
(Added) Kernel Version to HTTP Server
(Added) Add ScanPath and ScanDepth to HTTPServer
(Added) A method to remove scanpaths via http server
(Added) Xlink Kai Game List to the HTTP Server
(Added) A Scan Setting to ignore quick boot containers during scan (will skip them and not add them to list)
(Added) A Scan Setting to ignore DLC during scan (will skip them and not add them to list)
(Added) A button to Content Settings that allows you to search your library for missing artwork, and have it donwloaded
(Added) An error message when entering wrong password / username in HTTP Server
(Enabled) Trailer Asset Downloading in Content Download Settings (Not viewable yet)
(Recoded) Settings System - Now Easier to add/remove/update/list settings
(Added) Support for Backgrounds C and D in Theme manager for skinners
(Updated) Skin Settings XML in the skin - requires Skin Settings Reset
(Fixed) Samba Server Crash when Samba Server Starts enabled with no existing config files
(Added) Plugin Module Detection to eventually be used to show what modules are being used by plugin
(Deleted) LaunchData after FSD Retrieves it - Memory Leak
(Fixed) Removable Device Hot Swapping
(Added) Disc Count Subtitle to Supported Game Lists ( Displayed as Disc 1 of 2 )
(Added) Hidden Game List To the HTTP Server (to browse games that have been hidden)