View Full Version : Maximus 360Lizard Standalone Mode Preview

April 25th, 2011, 00:23
via http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EFpFyEyFZlBONnXhjl.php

From 360lizard.com (http://www.360lizard.com/website/news.php):
We are proud to announce a sneak preview of the 360 Lizard Standalone Mode. This is truly the results of a long development and research road and will serve to set the difference against other tools wanting to be considered as competitors.

This update will be available for beta testing shortly then in a few days we will release to the public. The battery pack shown on the video is a prototype; the final version is near completion and we will also give out simple schematic for it for DIY (do it yourself) Kit.

Many thanks to the many beta testers who will be very busy testing this new gecko OS.