View Full Version : MAME v0.72 Release for 360 - Amiga Soon

June 2nd, 2011, 00:36
Lantus released MAME v0.72 for homebrew/JTAG Xbox360s:

This is a port of MAME V0.72 for your Xbox 360 Console.

- Easy to use UI
- Previews
- Full graphics and sound
- 4 players supported
- Cheat menu support
- Hiscore.dat support

- Filters
- Add additional UI options
- Additional graphics options. Resizing/scaling etc.

- Minor sound issues.
- A small number of roms will crash with a ‘Fatal Exception’ error.
- Some roms have palette/sprite (endian) issues.
- Some roms have screen aspect ratio issues.

Credits and Thanks
- Thanks to Artik and Logic Sunrise for their continued support.
- Portions of the code is based on MameOX. Credits to the team.

Lantus also accounced Amiga360 is coming soon (sometime next week).

Official Site: lantus360.com