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June 4th, 2011, 02:53
http://img32.mediafire.com/f281b75d6b1c16c5696889ec294e33d4f00e843fea8ff6850d 5eacb4c85697605g.jpg

This is a Windows tool I wrote to write/extract boot blocks and Bootmii keys to and from a Wii NAND (nand.bin) file. This tool has many useful features to help with the NAND flashing process. This is also a very handy tool for anyone using Betwiin to convert a NAND.


Read/detect input file type (Full NAND, NAND + Keys, Boot Blocks)
Compare Files - This function compares the source NAND to a second file.
Compare Boot - Function under construction ATM.
Detect Boot Versions - The Boot1 and Boot2 Versions are automatically detected when the source file is loaded.
Read Bad Blocks - The blocks listed are factory bad blocks on the NAND.
Read Keys - If keys are attached to source file, hmac & nand keys will populate.
Extract Boot Blocks - Extracts blocks 0-7 and saves them to a specified file on your computer.
Install Boot Blocks - Installs blocks 0-7 to the loaded source file.
Append Keys - Adds bootmii keys to end of source file.
Extract Keys - Extracts keys from source file and saves them to a specified file on your computer.

This tool can be downloaded from the wiibrew website: http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Wii_FlashToolz

Source: Wii FlashToolz v0.3 (http://www.hacksden.com/showthread.php/932-Wii-FlashToolz-v0.3-NAND-Tool-For-Windows)