View Full Version : Sims 3 adding pets this fall; standalone game for consoles and 3DS

June 4th, 2011, 20:38
With The Sims 3's latest expansion, Generations, launching this week, it's time for EA to announce the next installment: Pets. The title will be an "entirely new standalone game" on Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo 3DS. It'll be a standard expansion on PC and Mac.

The Sims 3: Pets will give players direct control over the creatures and even allow breeding and sharing. The Xbox 360 version will have Kinect capabilities, allowing players to control "their pets and Sims" using voice commands. Like, and this is in the press release: "telling their Sim to be romantic." Take a moment to think it through. ... Awkward, right?

For the Nintendo 3DS, Pets will use the built-in pedometer to add more "Karma Points" the more the player walks. The points can be used on in-game items. Using the 3DS's StreetPass players can gift pets to other Pets owners.

Oh, also, if you don't make at least one crazy lady with hundreds of cats in the neighborhood, you're playing The Sims wrong.