View Full Version : 'Kinect Star Wars' details Forced out into the open

June 6th, 2011, 18:41

Don't you want a Kinect game in which you use your hands to do that Jedi mind trick thing? Well ... we don't know if that's in Kinect Star Wars. But at least we know some of the other Star Warsy things you do with hand motion thanks to Entertainment Weekly, who just took the wraps off of the new Xbox 360 game (which was first announced during E3 last year).

In several different gameplay modes, up to two players use gestures to lift objects with the Force, swing a lightsaber, drive a podracer, fly an X-Wing, and, according to the video on EW, defend themselves against the lasers that are flying out of the TV. The game also includes some unspecified "voice component," which we're going to pretend is an expansive C-3P0 minigame about saying "Oh my!" to things.

In addition to these experiences, there's a "Jedi Destiny" mode, being shown at E3, which sounds more story-driven. You play one of a selection of new characters made for the game, through sequences set in movie environments from both trilogies.