View Full Version : Microsoft: Kinect games can sell 10m units

June 7th, 2011, 14:15
Microsoft's European team is confident the publisher will soon see Kinect titles hitting 10 million units sold.

Speaking at E3 this week in LA, Chris Lewis, VP for Interactive Entertainment in Europe, said that with an installed base of 10 million Kinect units in homes it's only a matter of time before motion-controlled games follow the high sales figures achieved by hit hardcore video games.

"I have to say yes, because I think with 55 million Xboxes and counting, you're quite quickly going to get to an install base where that kind of attach possibility is very real," Lewis told GamesIndustry.biz in an interview published today.

"So I think yes, certainly that's true on the core platform now but it will also be true for a Kinect game."

In a wide-reaching interview, Lewis also suggested that it's not too late to introduce successful new IP to the current generation of home consoles, so long as hardware and services continue to innovate.

"I think Kinect for us opens up a whole new realm of experiences that weren't available for us in the past whether it's video, whether it's Facebook integration, whether it's Twitter, all of the things that I think make broader digital home-based experiences more meaningful is great, and there's a ton of those coming," he said.