View Full Version : Blackwater Kinect FPX announced

June 7th, 2011, 17:15
Blacklight developer Zombie Studios is working on a Kinect game called Blackwater for release this autumn.

505 Games will publish and Pantierra produce.

Blackwater is a modern day shooter "unlike anything you've ever played before" and with an "unprecedented level of immersion". The press release calls Blackwater an FPX - a first-person eXperience.

Blackwater is inspired by the real-world PMC of the same name. Former members of Blackwater helped Zombie Cow ensure gestures and moves were authentic. Blackwater even has real licensed weapons!

Blackwater uses a fictional North African setting where violent warlords rule the roost. They need bringing down a peg or two.

You'll use Kinect to move, aim and fire. You can also use a standard Xbox 360 pad if you so choose.

"This game and its immersive Kinect-based approach will give players the chance to experience what it is like to be on a Blackwater team on a mission without being dropped into a real combat situation," said Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL and founder of Blackwater.