View Full Version : Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will cost $40 in North America

June 13th, 2011, 22:59
Many were surprised (and a bit saddened) to hear Frank West wouldn't be in Dead Rising 2 when it was announced. DLC alleviated some of that desire to see the guy who's covered wars (you know) make a return, but Capcom will up the ante later this year with a new edition of Dead Rising 2, placing West in the spotlight as protagonist once again. Today, Eurogamer reveals that Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will be a $40 title.

There's been a lot of criticism for the game since it was announced, which initially appeared to be a cash-in preying on those who just wanted to play as Frank West once again. With some added content and this lower price point, Capcom hopes consumers will be more receptive. "There's a ton of added value here," executive producer Jason Leigh told Eurogamer. "We have the new environment, weapons, combo weapons, new clothing, food items, vehicles, new bosses and the new story. It's a much bigger game than Dead Rising 2 was."

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is slated to uncover the truth sometime in Q4 2011.