View Full Version : Battlefield 3 'Physical Warfare' DLC will be free to all, pre-order exclusive is time

June 16th, 2011, 22:33
Battlefield 3 fans: take a moment away from your planned day of filling out online petitions for this message from EA. The retailer-exclusive pre-order DLC announced for the UK will be available to everyone some time after release. It is only a timed exclusive -- like every piece of retailer-exclusive DLC that has ever been offered, ever.

Even better, that timed-exclusive "Physical Warfare" pack will be free when it is given a wide release later this year. It'll also be a pre-order bonus "all over the globe," said DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson. So it's just a matter of time. Nobody will have to miss out. We're guessing the free offer for non-pre-orderers is a response to the outrage, so good job!

In other DLC news, the "Back to Karkand" expansion will also be free for pre-orderers, but will be released to everyone at the same time.