View Full Version : New Rainbow Six screenshots/details leaked

June 23rd, 2011, 21:24
The screenshots below are reportedly the first of Ubisoft's as-yet unannounced new Rainbow Six game.

The leaked shots arrive with new gameplay info via Kotaku, who reports that a morality system will be central to the new game.

"Rainbow Six will be a far more story-driven game that previous iterations of the Tom Clancy branded title with gamers tasked with stopping a homegrown terrorist group operating in America. The group, fed up with the greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them, decided to target New York City," details Kotaku.

"At the heart of the game is a branching morality system that changes the outcome of key moments in the game based on the in-the-moment decisions the player makes," adds the report.

The player will be able to encounter multiple "drastically" different endings not just to the game but to individual missions - sounding rather like Heavy Rain in that sense. These decisions are said to bear emotional significance to the player.

Kotaku describes one example: "The terrorists break into a home and kidnap a stranger. You take on the roll of that stranger, forced to hold a trigger button to prevent a vest loaded with explosives from blowing up. Later, on a heavily-populated bridge in New York City, the perspective shifts, having you control the Rainbow 6 team there to take down the terrorists and take out the hapless, walking bomb."

"The decision you're forced to make in this scenario is to sacrifice the man with the explosives, or risk the lives of hundreds," it says.

Previous leaks revealed the game's plot and details of a cover-based system that shifts the player's view between first and third-person.