View Full Version : Child of Eden on PS3 will have 'really cool' extras

June 23rd, 2011, 22:18
If you just paid attention to the marketing for Child of Eden, you'd think it was an Xbox 360 exclusive. But there's totally a PS3 version coming out in September. According to Q? Entertainment producer James Mielke, the delay had nothing to do with Microsoft moneyhats, and everything to do with the fact that Q? is making each version on its own, with a staff of about 30 people.

"We're doing everything in-house, we're not farming anything out," he told the 8-4 Play podcast. Mielke didn't outright confirm any special features in the PS3 version, but said "it will definitely be worth the couple months that people have to wait for the PS3 version to get finished. People with PS3s, people with nice TVs, people with all kinds of control options... it's going to be really cool."

The reference to fancy TVs suggests 3D support, and "control options" would suggest Move support -- something that Ubisoft has told us to expect.